Unseen Servant

Using Unseen Servant is pretty simple: sign up for an account, and then make a character and add them to campaign 447. That’s it. Don’t bother filling out any of the info.

The actual rolling is also pretty simple. Select your character, and then use the syntax: “action: [1d100]”

  • Example – Bill Toge fires his gun at the cop behind the reception desk: [1d100]

Best Practices

  • Be as detailed as possible in your roll description- include what skill or Identity you’re rolling, what you’re trying to do with it, and who you’re targeting.
  • Paste the result at the top of the post.
  • While Unseen Servant does support using bonuses, UA uses some pretty fancy dicework, and so any moderators should be applied in the post itself.

Unseen Servant

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