Rules for Agents of the House

The cabal’s Objective may not be related to the House. The Objective is something you seek in spite of, or in addition to, being its Agents. You may consider using Renunciation as a tool to achieve some other objective, however. GM discretion applies here.

All Agents start off knowing the Ritual of Entry (Shepherd’s Manor).

All Agents also receive a free Identity at 30%- Agent of Shepherd’s Manor, described below.

Identity: Agent of Shepherd’s Manor

I’m an Agent of Shepherd’s Manor, of Course I Can: figure out Otherspaces, find a ritually appropriate door, perform the entry ritual to the Manor from memory.
Substitutes for: None; special.
Feature: Vague Information: By having a conversation with someone for sixty seconds or studying them for two minutes, you can get an idea of someone’s relationship to leadership. This might be their capabilities, their actual responsibilities, or something else entirely. See p. 49 of Book 1: Play for the specific rules of Vague Information.
Feature: Agent of Renunciation: The Room’s Otherspatial nature gives it some limited powers of the Statosphere, which it passes onto its Agents. Any time the Agent gets a die roll lower than their Secrets ability, they can choose to raise or lower it by 10—and only 10, not a fraction thereof. So an Agent with Secrets 70 who rolled 53 could make the roll a 43 or 63, if desired. This applies to all die rolls the Agent makes.

Rules for Agents of the House

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