• As far as what is canon, it’s only canon if it’s posted in the thread. You’re free to discuss things in chat with me or with each other- in fact, it’s a pretty good idea- but posts in the forum are the final arbiter of canon*.

*Barring, of course, GM fiat.


  • I want to keep up the pace here, but I also don’t want to be overly stringent. Try to post at least every day, if not more often. If you don’t post for three days, I will make a d% roll and something will happen. It probably won’t be immediate, and certainly won’t be pleasant. I may also briefly take control of you at my discretion to move things along.
  • If you’re inactive for a week I’ll take control of your character as a GMC, with all of the things that entails.

Dice Rolling

  • You roll using Unseen Servant. It’s a system which allows you to roll your own dice, and I can see every roll you make. It’s a little shitty on the web design side but until I get fed up with it and write my own solution it’ll do. Here’s the best practices for this campaign.
  • All rolls for GMCs will of course be done by me, using either or actual physical dice. Unseen Servant unfortunately does not support making secret rolls, which is kind of necessary for a GM.


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