Marcus Clark


Who Are You?

Name: Marcus Clark
Wound Threshold:
Distinguishing Characteristics:

Passions and Identity

Obsession: Destroy this false world to get back to old life
Obsessed Identity: annihilomancer
Rage: People abusing their children
Fear: Am I wrong about world view (self)
Noble: Showing people the truth


Favorite: Cassandra Saintrae
Guru: Rose -Therapist
Mentor:Donald Kruger
Responsibility: Manour
Protégé: Shannon

Shock Gauges

Helplessness: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed
Isolation: 8 Hardened, 2 Failed
Self: 3 Hardened, 2 Failed
Unnatural: 3 Hardened, 0 Failed
Violence: 3 Hardened, 0 Failed


Use this guide to calculate your ability scores, based on your Shock Gauges.


Upbeat Abilities

Heath (Helplessness): 60
Status (Isolation): 25
Knowledge (Self): 50
Notice (Unnatural): 50
Connect (Violence): 50

Downbeat Abilities

Dodge (Helplessness): 20
Pursuit (Isolation): 55
Lie (Self): 30
Secrets (Unnatural): 30
Struggle (Violence): 30


Identity: lobbyist 75%

I’m lobbyist, of Course I Can: get a meeting with government official, Convince people of my point of view, fudge my expense reports
Substitutes for: Status
Feature: Substitute for Lie
Feature: Assess Status

Identity: Annihilomancer 15%

I’m Annihilomancer, of Course I Can:
Substitutes for:

Identity: Veteran 30%

I’m lobbyist, of Course I Can:speak in military jargon, endure discomfort, kick nine kinds of ass on the Xbox.
Substitutes for: Struggle
Feature: Resists challenges to Violence
Feature: Provides Firearm Attacks

Identity: Agent of Shepherd’s Manor 30%

I’m an Agent of Shepherd’s Manor, of Course I Can: figure out Otherspaces, find a ritually appropriate door, perform the entry ritual to the Manor from memory.
Substitutes for: None; special.
Feature: Vague Information: By having a conversation with someone for sixty seconds or studying them for two minutes, you can get an idea of someone’s relationship to leadership. This might be their capabilities, their actual responsibilities, or something else entirely. See p. 49 of Book 1: Play for the specific rules of Vague Information.
Feature: Agent of Renunciation: The Room’s Otherspatial nature gives it some limited powers of the Statosphere, which it passes onto its Agents. Any time the Agent gets a die roll lower than their Secrets ability, they can choose to raise or lower it by 10—and only 10, not a fraction thereof. So an Agent with Secrets 70 who rolled 53 could make the roll a 43 or 63, if desired. This applies to all die rolls the Agent makes.

See Rules for Agents of the House for more details.


Magick: Adept School XX%

Feature: Casts rituals.
Feature: Magick [special].
Random magick domain:

  • Current charges:
    • Minor:
    • Significant:
    • Major:

See [[]] for more details.

Avatar: Archetype XX%

Feature: Casts rituals.
Feature: Theme Music. Reality subtly bends to recognize the Avatar.

See [[]]] for more details.


Rituals known:


  • any important stuff you own.

Washington DC Police Department
Case # AR24363224
Evidence #4
The Journal of Marcus Clark

Entry #1
27 days since the crash
My therapist thinks it’s a good idea to start a journal. She thinks maybe it will help me figure some stuff out. I keep telling her I am not crazy. I may not remember everything since before the crash but how could I forget Laura and Barb. They were my wife and baby girl for fuck’s sake. I don’t know who this new kid and his mom are but they are not my family. My life died in that crash. I have dreams about them every night. It was that time we got Mel ice cream for her fifth birthday and she wouldn’t let us leave until we had tried every flavor. How could I remember something/someone so vividly if it never happened? I don’t even know my new wife’s birthday but I can tell you all of Laura’s cute little quirks. I don’t know maybe I am messed up in the head otherwise why would my parents tell me Beth and Trevor are my family. They wouldn’t lie to me. And who knows, people say Britain hasn’t ruled over America since the 1700s but I remember singing the British national Anthem every day at work. I don’t know, maybe stuff will make more sense once I get back to work instead of lying here all day. Apparently I still work in Senator McGuffy’s office. I guess we will see how British this country is when we get there. Maybe it’ll all work itself out. Maybe this journal will help.

Entry #7
64 days since the crash
Things seem to be getting back to normal. Well sort of. At least I am back at work. Senator McGuffy came to see me personally and said it was great I was back. He is such a great guy. A little fatter and older than I remember but still has the same sense of humour. Come to think of it there are a lot of new guys at that office. I bet they all went to the competition while I was sick. Jees a guy gains 70Kg and ages like 20 years in 2 weeks and everyone thinks he is a dead candidate. Anyways, it’s a good thing I am back at work. It will distract me from the divorce. I can’t live with someone I never fell in love with. My parents are angry at me telling me to think of Trevor. I can’t think of Trevor I don’t even know who he is. Apparently he is my son though. The tests I sent away for prove it. I just… I can’t do it. It hurts too much. All I can think about is Laura and Mel. I know the police say nobody was in the car with me but I remember them. I remember seeing the blood before passing out. I think I need to be on my own for a while. I can’t worry about a wife and child who I barely know.

Entry #23
216 days since the crash
Today is officially the second worst day of my life. I just got the call an hour ago. I need to talk to someone/something and Rose is on vacation. I guess she deserves it having to listen to my problems twice a week but couldn’t she have gone any other day. Not the day Senator McGuffy was assassinated. They are still looking for the man who placed the bomb. Between this and his plane “blowing an engine” on the last flight I say they are looking for an organization. Somebody was clearly planning this for a long time. Thank god I got food poisoning at that new dim sum place or I would have been standing right next to him when it all happened. I don’t know what I am going to do. I know I should not be thinking of my own problems at a time like this but I need help. That Senator and that job were the only thing keeping me grounded. Nobody talks to me anymore. I’ve cut them all out. Too many things have changed since the accident. Without this job I don’t think I will be able to remember what is really and what is not. This was the most consistent thing in my life. I still have dreams. Vivid real dreams that are almost like memories. Only they can’t be. They are of people who I know don’t exist. My daughter would have had her first swim class today. Or at least that is what my dreams say. I don’t know. Sometimes I enjoy them more than reality.

Entry #29
340 days since the crash
Something amazing finally happened. I mean yes I’ve been homeless for the last month or two but something amazing happened. I was sitting at the corner asking for change when I saw her across the street. I had not seen Cassandra Saintrae in almost 15 years but there she was. So I ran across the street to meet her. I am pretty sure a school bus swerved out of the way and hit a 7eleven but that is not important. She recognized me. She was not one of the people I made up in my dreams she is real and she recognized me. We got lunch and I told her all about what had happened to me in the last year. Crazy thing is she only just moved to DC from New Hampshire to work in some manour. The best part is she thinks she can get me in for an interview. Apparently they are very exclusive so she needs to talk to her colleagues about me but she thinks I will be a perfect fit. I am to meet her at the 7eleven tomorrow. Apparently they are getting a new door installed or something. If all goes well I will be talking to you again tomorrow.

Entry #30
341 days after the crash
What the fuck have I been doing with my life? How the hell did I let myself become homeless? The Manor has changed everything. Why the fuck was I serving that prick McGuffy. He was a self-righteous egotistical bastard and I am glad he is dead. I wish I could have done it myself. I am twice the man he is I can do way more than he ever could. I just need to refresh a few of my connections and then DC will bow to me. There’s things I need to get done and I am in the perfect city for it.
Now that I think about it why am I still doing whatever my shrink tells me to? What the fuck does she know? I know my wife and daughter are real and I know the people who can help me get them back. This will be my last entry. GOD HELP DC

Marcus Clark

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