Ritual of Entry (Shepherd's Manor)

Free for those with the Agent of Shepherd’s Manor Identity. 5 Significant Charges for anyone else.

Ritual Action
You need a pair of workman’s gloves for this ritual, and the gloves must have had fresh grime added onto them since the last time they entered the Manor, if they have entered it before.

Find any door that is only ever used by subordinates- janitor’s closets and maintenance rooms are good candidates, but bathrooms aren’t. Pull on your gloves- it’s imperative you don’t them until you stop before the door you perform the ritual on. Knock on the door once. Then twice. Then a third time, in a peculiar complicated rhythmic sequence. Push the door in (make sure NOT to actually open the door if it opens by push), then pull it open, and the Manor will be revealed to you.

You then roll Secrets, your Agent identity, or any other Identity with the “Casts Rituals” feature to enter the Manor.

If successful, as the door is pulled it transforms into the gilded mahogany of the door to the Manor- and any may enter. Note that anyone who has not previously passed through this particular Room is now subjecting themselves to it, however.

Seeing the door transform into the door of the Manor is a Rank-2 Unnatural check. Entering an Otherspace for the first time is a Rank-4 Unnatural check. Watching someone else enter it and disappear is a Rank-3 Unnatural check.

Ritual of Entry (Shepherd's Manor)

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