Edward Muybridge


Who Are You?

Name: Edward Muybridge
Wound Threshold:
Distinguishing Characteristics:

Passions and Identity

Obsessed Identity:



Shock Gauges

Helplessness: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed
Isolation: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed
Self: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed
Unnatural: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed
Violence: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed


Use this guide to calculate your ability scores, based on your Shock Gauges.


Upbeat Abilities

Heath (Helplessness):
Status (Isolation):
Knowledge (Self):
Notice (Unnatural):
Connect (Violence):

Downbeat Abilities

Dodge (Helplessness):
Pursuit (Isolation):
Lie (Self):
Secrets (Unnatural):
Struggle (Violence):


Identity: XX%

I’m XXXXXX, of Course I Can:
Substitutes for:

Identity: Agent of Shepherd’s Manor 30%

I’m an Agent of Shepherd’s Manor, of Course I Can: figure out Otherspaces, find a ritually appropriate door, perform the entry ritual to the Manor from memory.
Substitutes for: None; special.
Feature: Vague Information: By having a conversation with someone for sixty seconds or studying them for two minutes, you can get an idea of someone’s relationship to leadership. This might be their capabilities, their actual responsibilities, or something else entirely. See p. 49 of Book 1: Play for the specific rules of Vague Information.
Feature: Agent of Renunciation: The Room’s Otherspatial nature gives it some limited powers of the Statosphere, which it passes onto its Agents. Any time the Agent gets a die roll lower than their Secrets ability, they can choose to raise or lower it by 10—and only 10, not a fraction thereof. So an Agent with Secrets 70 who rolled 53 could make the roll a 43 or 63, if desired. This applies to all die rolls the Agent makes.

See Rules for Agents of the House for more details.


Magick: Adept School XX%

Feature: Casts rituals.
Feature: Magick [special].
Random magick domain:

  • Current charges:
    • Minor:
    • Significant:
    • Major:

See [[]] for more details.

Avatar: Archetype XX%

Feature: Casts rituals.
Feature: Theme Music. Reality subtly bends to recognize the Avatar.

See [[]]] for more details.


Rituals known:


  • any important stuff you own.

Edward Muybridge was a failed inventor for many years. For a long time he applied for parents but was always denied one day after smashing his invention to bit with a lead pipe as gears and metal flew past his face he realized he was taking his anger out on the wrong thing, he needed the feel the bruising flesh of the man at the patent office beneath his pipe. He hopped into a taxi, waited eight hours in the rain outside of the patent office when the man he left his last patent application with exited the building. He stalked him around a corner and with a fell swing he felt the mans flesh warping to the will of his lead pipe. The man seemed not only unphased but he seemed to enjoy it as no matter how Edward fucked up his face the man kept his composure. The strikes were loud as if steel was making contact with ever harder metals, so vibrant and pulsating that he caught the attention of the local authorities. He was tried for attempted murder though a keen public defender managed to downgrade that charge to aggravated assault with a weapon. Edward Muybridge was sentenced to five years in prison.

After three years he was able to get out on parole. He didn’t leave prison unchanged his cell mate had an obsession with exotic weaponry and would recant to Edward exactly how each weapon could strip flesh from bone. Edward had his own realization in prison, he was only convicted because of a cellphone showing the attack. That kid had it all wrong though, cellphone video only serves to distort what’s already there film was better. Film could permanently record violence onto a negative, anger and vengeance given shape. He sought rehabilitation programs that would give him access to the new skills he desired, unfortunately it mostly lead to new vices. His parole officer thought an old film camera would keep Edward straight and as far as the officer knew it did. In private Edward practiced familiarity with exotic weaponry from whips to knuckles to exotic looking thins with strings on the end.

As group recreation him and the other parolees attend a porn expo. Edward is especially drawn to one BDSM artist named Chandra Alejandro. After a brief talk he found himself fascinated by how flagrantly she discusses the whip and its many uses. She had other fans to talk to so the discussion was short. He then noticed the nearby screen that showed a particular adult film, maybe it was Chandra’s he thought as he quickly moved past it. Before he left he saw a woman, plain looking but not wholly unattractive, staring at the screen.

The floor of the expo had cleared, he about to leave but he noticed the same woman still locked on the screen. Maybe he would approach her. “You like the film?”. For a few minutes she didn’t say anything but then without turning to face him she said, “Um yeah you could say”. “You’ve been staring for the past, gee I don’t know how long but…” “Oh I guess I have.”. “You, uh, ever uh, are you an uh um…?”. “Just a fan.” she said again without turning away. “Right then, I’ll just be going.” Now turning her head as a smile crossed her face “You can’t leave now the scene isn’t over”. He want to get away from her, but he couldn’t turn his head, he felt frozen as if they were a still photograph striking the plate and turning into a negative.

After what felt like days, he found himself able to move again still in that expo, still with the girl. She said “49th and Washington, let’s go”. She lead him to her apartment, then the bedroom. They hadn’t said much on the walk over, save an exchange of names. As they began he found the girl, Sandy, seemed practiced at a very particular way of having sex. Not that he didn’t it enjoy it, it was just there was some ritualistic manner about each and every maneuver. It was truly unlike anything he’d ever experienced before.

Sandy told him she has always dreamed of being idolized in the same way as Chandra Alejandro and other models. Ed told her could help her if was allowed to take pictures of her, perhaps erotica could help her achieve this goal of hers. Or at least she gathered that’s what he was saying he went on for quite a will about film grade, ASA speed, composition and a bunch of other terms she could swear sounded made up.

Edward Muybridge

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