Donald Krueger


Who Are You?

Name: Don Krueger
Wound Threshold:
Distinguishing Characteristics:

Passions and Identity

Obsessed Identity:



Shock Gauges

Helplessness: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed
Isolation: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed
Self: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed
Unnatural: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed
Violence: 1 Hardened, 0 Failed


Use this guide to calculate your ability scores, based on your Shock Gauges.


Upbeat Abilities

Heath (Helplessness):
Status (Isolation):
Knowledge (Self):
Notice (Unnatural):
Connect (Violence):

Downbeat Abilities

Dodge (Helplessness):
Pursuit (Isolation):
Lie (Self):
Secrets (Unnatural):
Struggle (Violence):


Identity: XX%

I’m XXXXXX, of Course I Can:
Substitutes for:

Identity: Agent of Shepherd’s Manor 30%

I’m an Agent of Shepherd’s Manor, of Course I Can: figure out Otherspaces, find a ritually appropriate door, perform the entry ritual to the Manor from memory.
Substitutes for: None; special.
Feature: Vague Information: By having a conversation with someone for sixty seconds or studying them for two minutes, you can get an idea of someone’s relationship to leadership. This might be their capabilities, their actual responsibilities, or something else entirely. See p. 49 of Book 1: Play for the specific rules of Vague Information.
Feature: Agent of Renunciation: The Room’s Otherspatial nature gives it some limited powers of the Statosphere, which it passes onto its Agents. Any time the Agent gets a die roll lower than their Secrets ability, they can choose to raise or lower it by 10—and only 10, not a fraction thereof. So an Agent with Secrets 70 who rolled 53 could make the roll a 43 or 63, if desired. This applies to all die rolls the Agent makes.

See Rules for Agents of the House for more details.


Magick: Adept School XX%

Feature: Casts rituals.
Feature: Magick [special].
Random magick domain:

  • Current charges:
    • Minor:
    • Significant:
    • Major:

See [[]] for more details.

Avatar: Archetype XX%

Feature: Casts rituals.
Feature: Theme Music. Reality subtly bends to recognize the Avatar.

See [[]]] for more details.


Rituals known:


  • any important stuff you own.

Don Krueger was not his real name. He used to be above the very concept of names, embodying a Concept itself. He was, once, the Necessary Servant, occupying by definition an essential role in the Invisible Clergy. His existence was that of devotion to authority, of singular importance not in spite of but precisely because of humility. Now Don’s just a human again, and he’ll be damned if he’ll let the Universe get away with that.

Don knows he’s important, he is Necessary, and he’s not going to let the Universe or especially the Clergy forget it. The system is going to collapse on itself without Don holding it up, even if he has to be the one to crush it. But he needs help to tear down the underpinnings of existence, so he’s turned to the House of Renunciation, where he was first twisted into what he is now after falling from the Clergy. The Shepherd’s Manor welcomed him, as Don knows he rightfully deserves.

With a bit of magick once again in his grasp, Don’s next goal is to find out where Old Mother Apocalypse is. He remembers (kind of) what happened to the First and Last Man, but too much knowledge was stripped away from Don when he fell. He wants to join forces with Apocalypse, but he has to find her first.

At least, that’s the primary goal. The secondary goal is building up his own forces, and the military tech that woman is working on looks perfect. Of course, Don isn’t sure how far he can trust a raving lunatic (Atlantean Christblood? Yeah, right.), but anyone the Manor chose has to be at least a decent ally.

The tertiary goal? Find any and every avatar of the new “Necessary Servant” who usurped Don, and break their metaphysical skulls like the corrupted system they support.

Donald Krueger

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