Shepherd's Manor

A Brief Guide to Obsidian Portal

or at least how we're using it.

On the left you see a lot of links, they’re pretty self-explanatory but I want to point out a few:

- Adventure Log- this is a blog-style thing, and I’m honestly mostly gonna use it for things like this- meta-announcements and rules.
- Forum- this is where we’ll do the playing.
- Characters- here’s where you’ll make your PC, using the little plus icon on the top right. I’ll also store any GMCs I make in there. You can theoretically make GMCs too- feel free to do that
- Wiki- put anything you like in here- from artifacts to locations to house rules. It’s also a good spot for your notes as a player. There’s already a little bit in there already from me.

Also, on the bottom of any page you edit there’s a section for “player secrets”- I can see that, and so can any other players you specify, but that’s it. Anything secret you want to let me know, that’s how to do it.


Melissa_Sage Melissa_Sage

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